Group Education at Draelos Metabolc Center

Blood Sugar and Carbohydrates

Understanding the role that carbohydrates play in glucose control is critical to managing diabetes and insulin resistance. The goal of this session is to help you balance your daily carbohydrate intake with minimal medication.
Education dates: July 25, Aug 22, Sept 26, Oct 24, Nov 21, Dec 19.

Pre -Insulin Pump

Insulin pump therapy is known to improve quality of life for those who require multiple daily insulin injections. This session is for those who are ready to progress to insulin pump therapy or want to learn more about insulin pumps.
Education dates: Aug 29, Oct 17, Dec 12.

Advanced Insulin Pump

Through the use of advanced features, insulin pump therapy can provide greater op-tions for glucose control than injections. Understanding advanced features can mini-mize glucose fluctuations during exercise, weight loss, splurge meals, pregnancy, or changing schedules (weekday/weekends/shift work).
Education dates: July 18, Oct 10.

Insulin Pumping Basics

Need an insulin pump refresher? This session is for current pumpers who desire a re-fresher about the basics of insulin pumping such as basal/bolus theory, bolus calculator use, understanding pump settings, infusion site and high glucose trouble shooting.
Dates to be determined.


Group Sessions are often covered by insurance through medical nutrition therapy or other education benefit. Some individuals may attend these sessions as part of the purchase price of their insulin pump. If you do not have insurance or training benefits then classes are $25-$37.50.