Weight Loss at Draelos Metabolc Center

bathroom-scale-10623727The Draelos Metabolic Center, serving Edmond and Oklahoma City is your premier Oklahoma Medical Center specializing in all endocrine issues, particularly in weight loss programs and long-term weight management.

Dr. Matthew Draelos and his highly trained team of healthcare professionals have devised comprehensive, physician-guided weight management strategies designed to help you achieve and maintain your goal weight.  We understand that weight management is a highly personal issue, and, often, drenched in emotional issues as well. We address the full range of issues affecting you and your weight.

Our Weight Loss Programs


At the Draelos Metabolic Center we offer customized programs to help you achieve and maintain a normal body weight. We recognize that weight loss is not easy and requires work on your part. Our team of healthcare professionals and staff are here to individualize a plan just for you and to guide you to success with cutting-edge information, tools, technology and emotional support.

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Weight Loss: All Pounds Are Not Created Equal

With weight loss, most of us talk about losing pounds, but what we really need to lose is pounds of fat. We may actually want to aim to pack on a little muscle weight at the same time. That means the scale doesn’t always reflect the changes you are making in your body through diet and exercise. Enter Body Impedance Analysis (BIA).

Body Impedance Analysis (also known as Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) is an important tool for weight loss specialists and those trying to lose weight, said Dr. Matthew Draelos.

Read more: Weight Loss: All Pounds Are Not Created Equal