Insulin Made Easier

Advancements in technology are making life easier for people who control their diabetes with insulin. In fact, a growing number of people are using insulin pump therapy to better manage their diabetes.

insulin pump

An insulin pump is a small mechanical device, a little larger than a pager, worn outside the body, often on a belt or in a pocket. It delivers insulin via an infusion set, which you insert in your abdomen or upper buttocks. You keep the infusion set in place for two or three days (sometimes more) and then move it to a new location.

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How to Get a New Insulin Pump to Replace Your Old One

I already have an insulin pump, but it’s old.  Can I get a new insulin pump?

Most insulin pumps have a 4 year warranty.  If anything goes wrong with your pump during that time the insulin pump company will replace it at no charge.  After 4 years if anything goes wrong with your pump you will need to upgrade to a newer pump.  It is a good idea to always have a pump that is under warranty.  Medicare and some insurance companies will only cover a new pump every 5 years unless there has been a significant medical change that can be improved by a new pump feature.

In recent years there have been many new features added to pumps as well as new pumps available.  You should research an upgrade pump just as you did your first pump to be sure that you are choosing the pump that best meets your needs and lifestyle.  Current pumpers may attend the end of the Pre-pump class offered approximately every 8 weeks at Draelos Metabolic Center for a discussion of available insulin pumps and their features.

Once you receive your new pump it is required that you attend a training session with the diabetes educator to assure that you know how to use any new features of the pump and that your initial settings are correct.

Already a pumper? Call (405) 330-2362 for more information about our upcoming Advanced Pump Class. Topics include temporary basal, multiple basal rates, combo bolus, plus much more.

How to Get an Insulin Pump

First discuss insulin pump therapy with your provider at Draelos Metabolic Center.  If you are a candidate for an insulin pump you will need to attend the Pre-pump class offered approximately every 8 weeks at the clinic.  The purpose of the class is to:

  1. Introduce knowledge and skills needed to successfully transition from multiple daily injections of insulin to insulin pump therapy.
  2. Provide information on available insulin pumps and their features.

After you have attended the class and chosen the insulin pump that is right for you, your provider at Draelos Metabolic Center will prescribe the insulin pump for you.  The insulin pump company will work on your behalf to gain approval for the pump purchase from your insurance provider.

Once you receive your pump, you will receive training from the diabetes educator at Draelos Metabolic Center to learn how to use the pump and to establish your individual basal and bolus settings for delivery of insulin.  Your pump training sessions are included with the purchase of the insulin pump. They are not an additional cost to you.