Drop it with Draelos: Our Weight Loss Program


We are home to the latest in cutting-edge weight loss services. Our current customized weight loss program helps patients achieve and maintain normal body weight quickly. Let our healthcare providers create a specialized plan for you. This plan will ensure that you remain on track for meeting your weight loss goals. Our team is here, ready to help and motivate you to meet your goals. Reject the fad diets and false online weight loss techniques so you can finally find peace of mind and drop that stubborn excess weight with Draelos Metabolic Center.



The First Step

An initial consultation must be set first so a healthcare provider can fully evaluate for any existing medical conditions that could be affecting your ability to lose weight. After the evaluation is completed, you will receive a specialized plan and weight loss strategy to take home. The initial consultation consists of:

  •  A physical exam and overview of health history
  • A BIA (Body Impedance Analysis) to determine exact fat, muscle and water weight
  • An Indirect Calorimetry to determine your body’s exact energy, metabolism and caloric needs.
  • An EKG to measure any irregular activity in the heart
  • Lab testing including a Glucose Fingerstick reading and BMP (Basic Metabolic Panel)
  • Development of your unique weight loss plan, diet and goals

Following Up

After the initial consultation a follow up with a provider must be scheduled. Following up with a provider will ensure your weight loss management plan is effective and that you’re on track to meeting goals. Follow up appointments consist of:

  • Evaluation of progress completed
  • Professional guidance on diet/nutrition, exercise strategies, and weight loss plans


  • The First Step (Initial Visit): $150.00
  • Follow Up Appointments: $50.00
    Visit pricing is subject to discounts with premium purchases of supplemental products recommended by our provider staff to aid in weight loss.

Pricing is subject to doctor visit, labs and included procedures only.